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Living room sets are one of the most important pieces of furniture you buy from your home. Your living room decor is seen by all the friends and family that you invite over to your home. It sets the theme of your house when guests first come in. Your furniture sets the stage for your living room decoration. Certain pieces will fit perfectly into the space and show off your personality through your unique choices.

Living room ideas can be found by browsing through the living room sets section on Clearance Near Me. There you can find all sorts of designs that will inspire the design for your space. Best of all, you can get all this living room furniture and decor online! Shopping online gives you a large variety right at your fingertips and now, it’s all in one place. Shop living room furniture sales on Clearance Near Me for an easy and convenient shopping experience.


Living room furniture can become a very expensive buy, especially when buying entire living room sets. Cheap living room furniture is hard to come by and may require weeks of browsing through stores and websites. However, now you can easily find cheap living room furniture online by shopping on Clearance Near Me.

There are living room furniture sales available in many stores, at different times of year. Living room set clearances can be held without notice as the store may start clearing out items for any reason, whenever they like. It’s difficult, if not impossible to monitor each store’s clearance. With Clearance Near Me, we have made it easy for you to buy living room furniture for your home.


Your living room furniture is one of the first things guests see and use when they come to your home. Everyone wants to make sure they have proper furniture for the living room so all guests have a comfortable place to sit. While comfort is of utmost importance, the style of your furniture and how it matches the theme of the rest of your living room needs to be considered as well.

Modern living room furniture gets many compliments as it is sleek and contemporary. It has a fresh and new feel in any home. You can get fresh, modern furniture that is perfect for you on clearance! Shop now for living room furniture sales on Clearance Near Me!


Sofas, sectionals & loveseats for Living Room

Living room sofas are one of the first pieces of furniture that most people buy for their living rooms. Getting a living room sofa set can make your decisions easier when buying furniture for your living room. A set with loveseats, sofa, and a sectional sofa to match can complete your living room without you having to mix and match designs. If you want to mix and match, there are plenty of individual options for sectional sofas for living rooms and loveseats for living rooms as well.

Futon Sofa beds for Living Room

Futons are the perfect multipurpose furniture addition for your living room set. They can be used for additional seating as futon sofas during the day and then converted into a comfortable futon sofa bed at night. Futon sleeper sofas are great for guests to use during the day and at night.

Chairs with Recliners for Living Room

Chairs with recliners for your living room are a popular choice for many people. Recliners are comfortable and relaxing. You can lounge on your living room chair recliner while watching TV, reading a book, or having a snack. Get your living room recliner on clearance today.

Accent Chairs for Living Room

Accent chairs can be elegant decorative pieces when set correctly in your space. You can find all styles of accent chairs to suit your space when shopping Clearance Near Me’s accent chairs for living room furniture sales options. Find accent chairs in Canada that are perfect for your home.

Coffee Tables for Living Room

There aren’t many living rooms without coffee tables. A coffee table set brings your living room together and also gives you the convenience of a place to put down your coffee. Find a coffee table for sale on Clearance Near Me by shopping our coffee table for living room options.

Ottomans for Living Room

Ottomans are a great option if you’re looking for somewhere to put your feet up other than on a coffee table. Find ottomans in Canada that suit your living room set on Clearance Near Me. An ottoman chair set is a great duo for the best comfortable seating. The chair and ottoman are made to work together, but can also be used apart making them both functional assets in your living room.

Poufs for Living Room

A pouf is very similar to an ottoman in that it is a comfortable place to put your feet up. Getting a pouf chair may be a great option for your living room as a way to add additional seating. Get the perfect pouf for your living room set today.

End Tables

Add decorative furniture to your living room with end tables that match your coffee table. Extra table space for guests to put down their snacks and drinks is always good to have. Find end tables in Canada that suit your living room. End tables for the living room are easy to find in any furniture store. Find one on clearance on Clearance Near Me today.

Side Tables for Living Room

TV stands and entertainment centres are the perfect way to keep all the wiring that your TV requires organized and hassle free. You can find TV stands for sale to organize your TV and all the accessories that come with it. Games, DVD players, remote controls and more can all be stored in your TV stand from Canada.

Console & Sofa Tables for Living Room

A console table is another among the decorative and functional furniture options that you have to furnish your living room with. You can find a console table in Canada for your home on Clearance Near Me. If a console table doesn’t fit your needs, a regular sofa table may do to give you tablespace in your living room. You can find a sofa table in Canada by shopping on Clearance Near Me as well.

Cabinets & Chests for Living Room

Cabinets for living rooms are a great storage option for keeping books and movies. A living room chest is good for larger items such as extra blankets and pillows for your living room. You can get an extra chest for storage on clearance by shopping the cabinets and chests on Clearance Near Me.

Benches for Living Room

Chaise lounge chairs are a classy way to add seating to your living room. A chaise is perfect for additional, comfortable seating for your guests. Find chaise lounge chairs for living rooms on clearance that suit your style and the theme of your living room. Get them with your sofa set or mix and match them later on to add to your own unique theme.

Slipcovers for Living Room

If you've ever felt like tearing apart your living room furniture and bringing in a completely new set, slipcovers are for you. Slipcovers can change the look of any furniture piece by simply changing the colour and texture of the upholstery. You can get slipcovers for sofas, slipcovers for sectionals, slipcovers for almost any furniture that you have. Create a whole new living room design, while protecting your furniture from spills, with slipcovers.

Leather Furniture for Living Room

Leather furniture is a great option for most people because, although it is expensive, leather is long lasting and easy to clean. Buying leather living room furniture is especially beneficial as living room furniture is used regularly by multiple people and wears down faster than other furniture. You can find rare leather pieces on clearance and get a high quality living room set at a price you can afford on Clearance Near Me.

Bean Bag Chairs & Lounge Seating

Bean bag chairs for living rooms are a fun way to add seating to your space. Bean bag chairs are a comfy place for the kids to sit while the adults chat on the couch. You can find bean bag chairs in Canada of all varieties for your kids.

Fireplaces for Living Room

Missing a built in fireplace? Get a fireplace you can mount or place in your living room from Clearance Near Me. There are a variety of electric fireplaces for homes available that are easy to mount, just like a flat screen TV. You can also get a more traditional looking electric fireplace that simply sits on the floor in front of the wall.

Bookcases for Living Room

A bookcase is the perfect way to organize your collection of books. Trying to figure out where to keep it? Why not display a decorative bookcase in your living room? Get a bookcase for your living room and show off your books to guests. You can get a bookcase in Canada and start putting together your collection today.