Welcome to Clearance Near Me! We provide information about products on clearance across Canada and the United States. We are a small team that does extensive research to find any and all clearance items in North America.


Clearance noun

clear·​ance | \ ˈklir-ən(t)s
: an act or process of clearing


Sale noun

sale | \ˈsāl
: the act of selling

As described above by Marrian-Webster dictionary, clearances are not the same as sales. While sales may attract customers to a store or product by increasing the price of an item then putting a discount on it or putting a slight discount on the item that may be conditional, clearance items are those that a store is trying to clear out. Items go on sale to increase the turnover rate on a popular item before the price goes back up, before the season ends, or before they go out of style to bring a customer, you, into the store and then perhaps upsell you. Items tend to go on clearance and stay on clearance until they are sold out if they are seasonal, if they go out of style, if a store needs to clear their shelves, or if a store is closing or downsizing. As the name of our website describes, we work our hardest to only display clearance items on our site. This doesn’t mean that you can’t find some amazing sales out there. Some products just don’t go on clearance and getting them on sale can be a great opportunity! Should we find any worthwhile sales out there, we may also post those on our site along with the clearances.

Many stores tend not to advertise clearances and if they do, it is likely because they are still making a good profit on the item. We find items that are being sold close to cost so that you can save and stores can get rid of inventory that may otherwise go to waste. It's a win win situation!

The items on our site are all new items being cleared out by distributors or manufacturers. We send you directly to the website or store that the product is being cleared out from. No need to buy from us and nothing is second hand which means you can get amazing deals on brand new products!

We pride ourselves in our honesty and transparency. If there are any misleading clearances on our site, we apologize and thank you for notifying us of them.

We put a lot of effort into keeping the site updated daily for your convenience. If you have any ideas or suggestions for our site, including clearances that you have found that may not be on our site, please Contact Us to make the clearance available to all savers on our site!

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Clearance Near Me Team