Area rugs are a great way to add decorative colour to any room! Rugs come in large varieties such as kids rugs, outdoor rugs, runner rugs and more so you can find the perfect one for your taste. Get rugs on sale on Clearance Near Me.

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Rugs can be beautiful decorative pieces to add to any room. Living room rugs add comfort to and warmth to your living room. They help put together your living room couch set and make the space complete. Bedroom rugs are a great addition to anyone's bedroom. Kids especially enjoy having a soft place to roam around on the floor.

You can get a cheap rug for any of your room's by shopping on Clearance Near Me. Area rugs near you are easily found in our rug section. Area rugs in Canada are available in many stores and rugs on clearance are always available in one store or another. Find rugs on sale easily by browsing rugs for sale on Clearance Near Me.


Area Rugs For Sale

Find area rugs on sale for your home on Clearance Near Me. Clearance Near Me has all types of area rugs on clearance so you can shop easily without worrying about the prices. You can find floor rugs of all sizes ranging from small area rugs that will suit your entrance way to large area rugs to cover your entire living room floor.

Rugs come in all sizes as well as all shapes. You can get a typical square rug to fill the edges with your room or a round area rug to soften those corners. Find all these options in a rugs store near you by shopping on Clearance Near Me today.

Outdoor Rugs & Outdoor Mats Sale

Outdoor rugs are a common way to decorate your entrance from outside. Outdoor mats are welcoming for guests coming in and useful for you to wipe your shoes on before going into your house. Patio rugs can be found in all sizes. Round outdoor rugs are less common than traditional patio mats and can make your entrance way unique.

Another unique way to add a mat is with an outdoor grass carpet which serves the same function to wipe your shoes on and has a natural, discreet look. Large outdoor rugs are useful for large families as many people want to wipe their shoes at once while small rugs suffice for a small entrance. Find cheap outdoor rugs by shopping outdoor rug sales on Clearance Near Me.

Runner Rugs & Carpet Stair Tread

Runner rugs are useful for long hallways within your home. These hallway runners can help make the hall seem shorter and more welcoming. Hallway rugs are also a nice addition to commercial space to help separate the room into sections. These floor runners are great for organizing a large space

Long hallway runners can make a space feel grand. Walking on a carpet laid through the centre of a room gives a royal feeling. Stair runners can give the same feeling as well. Stair runners and hallway runners are useful for kids as well and provide a soft landing. Grab a non-slip stair tread or a carpet pad for your stairs. Find runner rugs in Canada by shopping Clearance Near Me’s rugs on sale.

Shag Rugs

Shag rugs are a unique type of rug that can make your space feel even more comfortable than a regular rug. Shag carpets have more layers which makes them softer than regular carpets. The extra fabric makes shag area rugs a nice place to sit or play with kids.

Shag rugs give a warm feel to the room. A flokati rug is truly warm as it is made with wool. These wool rugs are extra soft and make for a gorgeous, rich addition to your room. A round shag rug is a cute accent and comforting to sit to walk on. Get your shag rug on Clearance Near Me.

Nursery Rugs & Kids Rugs

Kids rugs are a smart addition to any children’s space as it gives the kids a soft place to play while keeping your floors clean. Nursery rugs are especially important as babies love crawling around and it’s best if they have a soft place like a baby rug to do so.

Kids room rugs make the kids room warm and welcoming. You can find kids bedroom rugs on clearance and not worry about spills and dirt because your rug is easily replaceable at a low price. Large rugs are great for classrooms to cover the entire floor space and prevent injuries. Shop all types of kids rugs and nursery rugs on sale right here on Clearance Near Me.

Round Rugs

Round rugs are wonderful accent pieces to decorate your floor. A round floor rug helps to soften the edges of a room and make the space feel warm. A large round rug that reaches the walls of your room while leaving the corners open to show off your hardwood floors is especially nice.

YYou can get your circle rug on clearance at a store near you. Shop cheap round rugs on Clearance Near Me and find a round carpet that is perfect for your space. While you’re at it, you can grab a round outdoor rug on sale to change up your doormat as well. Shop now, save now.

Vintage Rugs & One of a kind Rugs

While rugs are commonly used in many rooms, you can get a unique rug for your room to stand out. Vintage rugs are statement, classy pieces that bring an aura of sophistication to your space. These one of a kind rugs are sometimes handmade which makes them a truly unique rug.

Get a vintage carpet that suits your room on clearance by shopping vintage rugs for sale on Clearance Near Me. There are a variety of vintage area rugs to choose from for your convenience and you can get them online or in store. Get your one of a king rug, whether it’s a vintage rug or not, it’s on clearance today!

Bath Rugs & Bath Mats

One of the places that rugs come in most use is in the bathroom. Bath rugs or bath mats give you a place to try your feet when hopping out of the shower to prevent your floors from getting soaked. Bathroom mats also come in bathroom mat sets so you can get a mat for each of your bathrooms.

Shower mats are also very functional as they prevent you from slipping in the shower. Bathtubs especially can be very slippery so a non-slip bath mat comes in handy. A toilet mat can also come in handy as a soft place to rest your feet. Grab a bath rug on sale for your bathroom and stop worrying about slippery, wet floors.

Kitchen Mats and Door Mats

Kitchen mats are often an overlooked type of rug. Kitchen floor mats can be of utmost importance depending on how long you spend in the kitchen. Whether you’re cooking or doing the dishes, standing in one spot for a while can get tiring. That’s why anti fatigue kitchen mats can be a must-have to take care of your feet and knees so you can cook and clean with ease. A long kitchen mat is best to cover as much of your kitchen flooring as possible.

Door mats are also another very functional type of rug that most people tend to consider as only decorative welcome mats. Your front door mat is important to insure that everyone entering your home wipes their feet before coming in. Having an outside door mat and an inside door mat can minimize the amount of cleaning you have to do each week. Keep your floors clean with a large door mat and prevent joint pain with a kitchen mat.

Rug Pads

Rug pads are commonly understated. However, rug pads can prevent injuries from falling due to a rug placed in a high traffic area. Rug grippers keep your rug in place no matter how rough it is handled. Kids and pets running across the rug will appreciate a non-slip rug pad, so they don’t fall while playing

Even large carpets need to be made slip proof. Although their weight helps hold them down, their corners can still come up easily and it is important to have carpet pads to keep those edges in place. Carpet underlays are another piece you can add to make your rug more comfortable. Underlays add extra cushioning for your feet and help customize your rug. Grab all your rug accessories on clearance right here on Clearance Near Me.